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'The World is my illustration, give me an idea and I will turn it into a legacy!' ~ kuma

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Darealwordsound’s Otakutour Debuts with a Review

Darealwordsound’s Otakutour Debuts with a Review

Throughout my life I have had the pleasure of meeting great talent, better yet unique talent. From illustrators, cosplayers and music artist. There were many to claim the throne of being a musician for geeks, but there has been one hip hop artist that has lead to this example by implementing gamer, geek and nerd culture into his music. This week his new album named OtakuTourwhich features 12…

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Bloodborne TGS Trailer Sheds Some Darkness Upon Gamers

Bloodborne TGS Trailer Sheds Some Darkness Upon Gamers

There is nothing more frightening than being put into an environment filled with the dead, demons and other things that will feast on your flesh. If you are a hunter, this is just another day job for you and business is good. On February 6, 2015, it will be up to you to bring back the light through the thickness of the dark. Check out the Tokyo Game Show full gameplay trailer of Bloodborne.

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