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Harley turns 21 today!! Her character was introduced on September 11, 1992, in Batman: The Animated Series and later adapted into DC’s Batman comic books. Harley Quinn is our most popular cosplay submission from the community! It seems everyone loves this crazy super villain!! And although she is often cosplayed, we never get sick of seeing the different versions of her. So here’s 25 of them and we have even more to come on the … [Read and See more]

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Grid Autosport Preview

As a young cub the one thing I always wanted was to be able to go fast behind a wheel of prestige automobiles. I have Uncles that are speed demons no matter the car, while one is more like super Dave Osborn, the other is more Speed Racer, but I kind of adapted to my own driving style. The Grid series takes the best of both worlds by having an awesome arcade play-style with realistic simulator driving mechanics. There have been many titles that try to utilize both features to keep racing fans interested, but Grid is the one that perfected it. It is the great mix of quality vs. quantity. This time around we have Grid Autosport preview that will catch your racing line interest.

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From Codemasters:

GRID Autosport will bring alive the experience of becoming a professional racing driver in a new world of contemporary and classic motorsport. Drawing in spirit from classic Codemasters titles such as the TOCA series, developed in conjunction with community feedback and retaining the core GRID focus of ‘being all about the race’, gamers will experience a world of breadth, of depth, of intensity and of course, of the excitement that only racing cars can deliver.

Racing alongside a teammate, players must overcome key rivals and satisfy team sponsors in ferocious races where every pass and position counts. In GRID Autosport’ s huge career, gamers will specialise in their favourite racing discipline or conquer them all; players will feel the aggression of the pack in Touring Cars, manage tyre wear and race into the night in Endurance events, race Open-Wheel cars with precision, show car control in Tuner events and react on the fly in Street races.“


I enjoy a racing title that grants you access to have a teamed base strategy with your friends or someone else online. There have been times when playing online against four players and they are all blocking me so their friend could win. I am not mad at it, because it gave me a nice challenge to tackle them all on in a serious battle. There was a time when I even slammed on the brakes while the opponent on the right of me went in for a slam, only to spin on his friend to both crash in the dirt. There are some dirty drivers out there, but it is worth it to learn how to tackle them all.


GRID Autosport’ s features and tone have been shaped through consultation with the GRID community, professional racing drivers and the experts from AUTOSPORT magazine. This includes the return of an in-car view and the most authentic handling in a GRID game yet. Multiplayer racing is extended by RaceNet, Codemasters’ free million member strong online community portal, which will deliver new challenges every week from launch and sees the introduction of all-new RaceNet Racing Clubs for online, clan-style team competition. Party modes, Demolition Derby and competitive split-screen modes all complement the game’s extensive career mode and expansive core online game.


The racenet has been one of the features that kept me going on Grid 2 and the Dirt series. What stands out more with Codemasters racing series is the learning factor when your car is damaged. The A.I system with the crew chief giving you tips as well as inside information of what is going on during the race to give you a heads up was as if I had a real life person navigating moves, collisions and turns right in my headset.


The design philosophy behind GRID Autosport was to create a really focussed racing game,” said James Nicholls, Chief Games Designer, GRID Autosport. “We’ve jettisoned anything that doesn’t support the on-track competition and we’ve chosen a selection of cars and tracks that will give players a range of different racing experiences. That variety is crucial. There are five very distinct ways to race – this isn’t a game where basically every race is the same and the cars and tracks change. You need to adjust your tactics and learn different techniques to succeed in each racing discipline and each car has its own character too. Our AI will act and react in different ways depending not just on how you race, but the style of racing you are competing in and that’s vital in authentically capturing the feel of say, Touring Cars compared to Open-Wheel Racing.

Grid Autosport will be released in the USA on June 24th for both PC, Ps3, and Xbox 360. Naturally we here at Kuma Kreations invite you to pre-order at our store to utilize the Black Edition bonus. Keep in mind that all purchases from our amazon store help KKEnt with events and other giveaways. I hope you enjoyed this preview of Grid Autosport and I thank you again for reading this preview. Stay frosty racers!

Grid Autosport Preview As a young cub the one thing I always wanted was to be able to go fast behind a wheel of prestige automobiles.

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Com-Mix Strip Presents: Superman Vs. Batman Vs. Me

Com-Mix Strip Presents: Superman Vs. Batman Vs. Me

With Marvel Studios moving progressively forward, DC’s very own cinematic universe is looking towards the horizon with the very much anticipated film “Batman vs. Superman”, starring Ben Affleck (Batman) and Henry Cavill (Superman). Aside from Marvel’s achievements, we look at DC’s cinematic universe and their upcoming films as well as their actors/actresses, such as casting major…

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